Sharks are interesting creatures. So much so that there’s an annual week on television dedicated to shark content. However, no experience can quite compare to seeing sharks up close and in person. Shark tours are ever-increasing in popularity and there are multiple reasons why.

New Experiences

You never know what you’ll see on a shark tour. While the locations and plans are known and deliberate, the experience is unpredictable, even to the tour company guides, who see something new and unexpected every day. According to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, there are more than 500 different species of sharks in our oceans. On a shark tour, you can see an unexpected number of species and sizes of sharks. You can have interactions and witness things that are completely unique to you and your tour, including fascinating wildlife beyond the sharks.

Beautiful Settings

One of the most amazing things about shark tours is that they place you in the environment of the creature you’re observing. It’s much different from going to the zoo or having another interaction in which the animal is taken out of its natural habitat. With a shark tour, you’re the foreign visitor, orienting yourself in the places that sharks call home. There’s really something remarkable about being a witness to these creatures in their natural habitat. Nothing is artificial or scripted. It’s just you in a new and real world.


Shark tours are adaptable to your level of comfort. An extreme adrenaline seeker could, with proper guidance, swim among the sharks in an up-close and personal situation with some of the world’s most iconic predators. However, shark tours aren’t only for the world’s most adventurous people. The boats themselves allow for jaw-dropping views of sharks swimming above and below the water, allowing for a safe experience.

Sharks will forever remain among Earth’s most intriguing creatures. There’s something about their sleek body shapes and sharp teeth that will always invoke both fear and fascination. The mystery of the ocean also plays a role in causing sharks to be alluring. If you want to experience an adventure that is equal parts thrilling and interesting, shark tours are a good option. Memories created in the ocean among some of the Earth’s most interesting inhabitants will leave lifelong memories. Contact Ocean Outfitters Hawaii today to be part of your own shark tour!