More than just a private boat tour – it’s a North Shore aquatic adventure!

  • 2+ Hours
  • Haleiwa, Oahu
  • Private  tour is perfect for team bonding, corporate activities, military outings, or birthday getaways


Please callPrivate Boat Charter – All ages are welcome on a private boat charter
Create your own customized tour. Prices vary. Please call for details.

Our knowledgeable crew of locals will guide you through the most stunning and energizing views the North Shore has to offer.


2+ Hours


Travel with us to a remote island and Marine life sanctuary where you can swim or snorkel under oahu pristine ocean. throughout the voyage you will get a chance to see honu (Hawaiian sea turtles ), Naia (spinner dolphins), sharks , humpback whales, and tropical fish. This tour is perfect for team bonding, corporate activities, military outings, or birthday getaways. 

Tell us how you envision your day aboard Ocean Outfitters Private tour and we will create memories you’ll cherish forever!

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  • GoPro videos can be taken by the staff and customers can purchase after the tour (upon request)

Health & Safety

  • At Ocean Outfitters, we make it our priority to put you first and have been diligently following all CDC and state regulations. Seats will be limited due to decreased operating capacity.  

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If you’re hoping to interact with ocean wildlife you otherwise wouldn’t see from the safety of a boat, we have just the opportunity for you. Our boat tours in Haleiwa, Hawaii and nearby areas offer beautiful views and once in a lifetime memories. Don’t wait to get started with our services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Snorkeling Tours with Ocean Outfitters Hawaii

North Shore Private Boat Charter

Create your own customized tour. Prices vary. 

Please call (808) 400-1277 for details.

Private Tours on Ocean Outfitters Hawaii
Ocean Outfitters Hawaii and Dolphins

Other Ocean Outfitters Hawaii Tours


On our Marine Wildlife Whale Watching Tour, our experienced crew will guide you to the magical remote areas to see dolphins, sharks, rays, turtles, and more. If you are here during Hawaii’s winter months, you may also see the mighty humpback whales on their annual migration.

length: 1.5 hrs     from: $89     ages: 3+


This ocean adventure on the North Shore of Oahu will change your perspective on all sharks. Come face to face with the sharks and experience the utmost sensational experience with them! Our boat is always staffed by experienced Hawaiian watermen and safety divers who have been trained to keep everyone safe throughout the dive.

length: 2 hrs     from: $119     ages: 5+


Ocean outfitters offers a beautiful view of a breathtaking sunset scenery you can enjoy with your family on the majestic North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. We offer you with an unforgettable evening on Hawaiian waters. Explore the 7 mile miracle while taking in the panoramic views at your leisure.

length: 1.5 hrs     from: pls. call    ages: 3+


This personalized ocean adventure on the North Shore Of Oahu will take you to the safest and pristine snorkeling spots around. Dolphins, rays, turtles, and native Hawaiian reef fish are known to frequent the area and a lot of our reef fish are found nowhere else in the world.

length: 2 hrs     from: $99     ages: 3+


North Shore Oahu is home to the most popular surf spots in the world. Our world class breaks are Pipeline, Sunset Beach, Waimea and a dozen other spots. Our experienced Hawaiian Watermen will take you out to the safe and iconic surf breaks along our coastline. Our agile boat will get you in and out of the surf breaks quickly and safely.

length: 1 hour     from: pls. call    ages: 7+