If you’re thinking about activities for your next vacation or just something amazing to do this weekend, you definitely should consider a boat tour. It’s the perfect experience for couples, families, and anyone that simply wants to have a relaxing day. According to the National Tour Association, the cruising industry’s revenue in the United States alone is $38 billion. However, you don’t need to take a cruise to enjoy the experience at all. There are many locations near lakes, rivers, and oceans that will offer different kinds of boat tours, depending on what you want. The benefits of the experience are so vast that you’re going to want to come back for more.

1. It’s the Perfect Bonding Experience

A boat tour is a fantastic bonding exercise for a family or a couple. Some people even enjoy it on a first date. The breeze blowing through your hair will ensure complete relaxation. Depending on the experience, you might see some amazing sights, too.

2. It’s a Day in the Sun

People spend so much time indoors, whether at home or in an office, that it’s always a good idea to get out and soak up the sun’s rays. That vitamin D is so beneficial for your body, provided you’re using a decent amount of sunscreen. You will feel revitalized, rejuvenated, and calm afterward.

3. It Lowers Anxiety

Unfortunately, daily life can be pretty stressful for most people. Working a full-time job can put a lot of stress on you, but being around water can calm all your worries. That’s why a boat tour can be so beneficial, even if you’re only joining one for a few hours every other weekend.

4. It Can Be Educational

There are all kinds of boat tours available around the country, and you can book those that offer educational experiences like learning about sea creatures. That way, you will relax while still being productive, which is something most people enjoy. Also, you may see areas of your city from a different point of view, learning a lot more about your surroundings.

5. It’s a Chance to Disconnect

A boat tour is the perfect getaway – even for a short time – because it forces you to separate from your normal life and disconnect from your phone. Normally, you won’t have much Wi-fi during these tours. However, you’ll still be able to take pictures. That said, a boat tour is still a much different experience than being in front of your computer all day or talking to your family while watching TV.

Now that you know these benefits, you should book a boat tour near you today! Call Ocean Outfitters Hawaii to learn all about our boat tours and to schedule one right away.